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NLP, The Real Stuff!

Offering NLP trainings (NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Advanced NLP Code) and NLP related tranings and workshops.

NLP Akademie   Filip   De Vos

Kampenhoutsebaan 28A - B-1910   Kampenhout, BE-VBR, Belgium - +32.495612512 -
Who, what and why?

NLP, The Real Stuff!

NLP, The Real Stuff!

At the NLP Akademie our aim is to teach NLP in it's most purest form. As a pure Process model, without all content models that have been developed and claimed as NLP models for over the last 45 years. At the same time we teach from an Advanced NLP Code viewpoint. Advanced NLP Code is a set of latest developments in NLP. Our NLP trainings are unique in Belium. That is why we call them 'The Real Stuff'. Filip De Vos is an NLP trainer and a Master Advanced Code NLP trainer. Unique in Belgium.

In our map of the world, a training is not just a transfer of knowledge. Rather to the contrary, our intention is to create a series of experiences that will lead our participants to generate more options. By experiencing, learning becomes an intuitive process and our participants will gather competencies that they will be able tu use during the rest of our live.

We also organise NLP related trainings and workshops such as fast-reading and selfsteering via NLP...

Our ongoing care for quality and the constant evaluation of the purity or what we teach are for us evident mather to be able to create extra value for our participants.

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