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NLP Akademie A 6 day (3 x 2 days) training to learn the NLP Core-Skills. This is also the first half of a full NLP Practitioner training. Unique in Belgium

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The Real Stuf

NLP Core Skills Autumn 2020 (english spoken)

NLP Core Skills Autumn 2020 (english spoken)

Start:    16.10.2020

Einde:    12.12.2020

Door:    Filip De Vos

A 6 day (3 x 2 days) training to learn the NLP Core-Skills. This is also the first half of a full NLP Practitioner training.

Unique in Belgium.

Ideal for those people that find the full Practitioner training too long, too expensive, to elaborated etc..... Or also ideal as a profound way to get to know what NLP is about.

Perfect for making the way you communicate more efficient, to be able to negotiate and handle groups, as a way of self-development, expanding your model of the world, to create more choice in your live, as basic skills for coaching....

This NLP training brings you back to the roots of NLP, without any of the pollutions that crawled under the name of NLP during all these years since it started. At the same time we approach all our training from a New Code NLP viewpoint, New Code NLP being the lateste developments in NLP as being developped and teached by John Grinder (co-develloper of NLP), Carmen Bostic and Michael Caroll. That's why we call it 'The Real Stuff'.

What will you learn?

- How you build your model of the world and how this model is steering you.

- How to expand that model and create mor choice in your life.

- To make rapport, verbally and non-verbally.

- To sharpen your way of communicating and get more efficient.

- To create options for behavior that is restricting you.

- To make efficient use of language

- Basic skills for coaching.

- To recognise patterns and being able to create alternatives.

- and much more..

Why at the NLP Akademie?

A unique approach due to:

- An international certified NLP trainer ITA (Grinder, Bostic, Caroll), Authorised New Code Trainer with experience both in Belgium and abroad.

- An inductive way of teaching and learning. Learn by doing, this speeds up the process and the 'knowledge' get's installed deeper. And it is FUN!!

- Training from a NEW CODE NLP viewpoint, so that you also get a taste of the latest developments in NLP as developped and teacht by John Grinder himself.

- In a nice surrounding and relaxed atmosphere.

- Up to date patterns and techniques.

- A focus on self-application, down to earth and very practical.

- Groups of minimum 3 people and maximum 10 people, so that we can monitor every individual and give you the attention you deserve.

Due to our unique approach we focus and help you at reaching the goals you will set yourself at the start of this training. This is one of the best investments you can mak in yourself.

Dates: always on a friday and saturday: 16/17 oktober, 20/21 november and 11/12 december 2020.

Location: to be confirmed, but near to Brussels.

Price: Individuals 1125 Euro inc. VAT. Independants, companies (with VAT nr): 1125 Euro ex VAT. This includes manual, coffee, thee, water during the whole day.

EARLY BIRD! Subcribe before 12 september and pay only 999 Euro incl. VAT (individuals) or 999 Euro ex VAT (companies, independants with VAT nr.)

Need more info? email us: [email protected] or call us: 0495 612 512. If you like to have an individual intake talk, do not hesitate, it is free.

There is a fee NLP-info webinar on 10 september, see agenda.

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