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International (English spoken) New Code NLP Practitioner training with 3 days NLP Core Skills for those without any (or little) NLP experience.

NLP Akademie Filip De Vos

Kampenhoutsebaan 28A - B-1910 Kampenhout, BE-VBR, Belgium - +32.495612512 -

The Real Stuff!

International NLP Core Skills and New Code Practitioner

International NLP Core Skills and New Code Practitioner

Start:    14.10.2019

Einde:    20.10.2019

Door:    Filip De Vos

This english spoken training, unique in Belgium, offers a 3 day NLP Core Skills training to get you up and running, followed by 4 days (including certification) of New Code NLP. New Code NLP contains the latest developments in NLP as developped and teached by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic and Michael Caroll.

This training is open to everybody with or without experience in NLP.

Upon succesfully completing the training and certification you will get a New Code NLP Practitioner certificate from the ITA, co-signed by John Grinder himself.

Training will be given in English, but since we train in an inductive way don't hesitate if your native language is different, a normal understanding of the english language will largely suffise to participate in this training. Depending on the number of participants several international certified New Code NLP Trainers will be present to offer you all the help you might need.

Extensive information will follow soon, if in the meantime you require more information do not hesitate to phone us: +32 495 612 512 or email us: [email protected]

Dates: 14 october 2019 till 20 october 2019 (included)

Location: in or near Brussels, exact location to be announced

Price: to be announced

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